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Which Fish Are Native to Hawaiian Waters?

The tropical waters of Hawaii are ripe with exotic, colorful fish of all shapes and sizes. From the teeny tiny that rarely leave the protection of the reef to the giants that frolic freely, growing to sizes that are almost unbelievable. While visiting the islands, the opportunity to find these fish are everywhere, from snorkeling adventures to deep-sea fishing, finding native Hawaiian fish is a fun activity that can be done all over the waters.

The best way to find the big fish that call Hawaii home is to head out to the open sea on a private fishing charter. The high seas bring about fun and adventure and passengers on board need not be an expert fisherman. Many of the most popular dishes in Hawaii are made with fish that are caught in the waters off the Hawaiian coast and sampling these dishes mean you are tasting some of the freshest fish, caught just days earlier right off of the coast of the island that you are visiting.

Which fish are native to Hawaiian waters? The list is nearly endless, though the most common to find on a fishing charter, and the largest happen to be some of the tastiest.

Mahi Mahi – a very common fish to find on a fishing charter, the Mahi Mahi is a beautiful creature, with a funny face. The gold, green and blue scales are stunning, and the blunt face makes them quite the site. These fish are commonly caught in moderately deep waters, and are very popular during half-day fishing charters.

Yellowfin Tuna – of all of the fish in Hawaii, this is one of the most important fish to the Hawaiian Islands. Yellowfin is used in a variety of dishes, including sushi, seared as a main course, and in poke. The fish is a firm, red meat and is commonly caught on a fishing charter.

Marlin – the largest fish ever caught in Hawaii is a marlin, coming in at nearly 2,000 pounds! Reeling one in is quite the chore, and just seeing one is enough to make your day at sea. These giant fish are found in the deepest waters and likely only to be caught during a full-day fishing charter. If you hook one, be ready for a battle.

Swordfish – another fish that is only found the deep waters; the swordfish is quite the prize. Watch for these giants leaping from the ocean, and like the marlin, if you catch one, be ready for a long battle. The swordfish is typically found in higher priced dishes due to its scarcity, but is well worth the splurge.

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